Billing Services

Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management Services  

One of the most critical elements of delivering high-quality healthcare is efficient Patient scheduling and appointment management process. Long hold times, inadequate capturing of eligibility and prior authorization can negatively impact your bottom line.

The key to efficient patient scheduling begins with understanding the patient requirements by asking the right questions and determining the right strategies for the delivery of care. A coordinated and streamlined appointment scheduling and management process not only helps in gaining patient trust but also significantly impacts the revenue cycle performance. Proactive engagement with patients through an online portal and automated reminders can reduce the patient no-shows. In general, appointment management helps providers to better manage their schedule to minimize the long wait-time. Leverage RevExp’s Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management services to streamline your revenue cycle performance.

Eligibility Verification and Prior Authorization  

Eligibility and insurance verification are vital to ensuring accurate and timely receipt of information regarding insurance coverage, and determining the patient’s responsibility to pay for healthcare services. Accurate and timely determination of the patient’s eligibility provides a clear view on the patient’s coverage, out-of-network benefits, and accurate insurance information. Incorrect insurance information could have a negative impact on the revenue cycle.

Performing eligibility verification help providers submit clean claims, avoid claim re-submissions, reduce demographic or eligibility related rejections, increase upfront collections. Also, obtaining authorizations before the service avoids denials, and contributes to an increase in collections.

Leverage RevExp’s Eligibility Verification and Prior Authorization services to optimize your revenue cycle and improve collections. 

Charge Entry and Charge Audit Services  

Failure to effectively document care information can often lead to revenue leakage – amounting to millions of dollars in lost revenue. While deploying effective charge capture, workflow solutions can help reduce instances of lost revenue. Effective collaboration between coding and charge entry teams will lead to a sustainable improvement in the overall process. With expertise in multiple specialties and revenue cycle software platforms, our charge entry experts process. high volume of charge entry transactions with exceptional accuracy.

While many administrators look at coding and clinical documentation as the key anchors for effective medical billing and consider payment posting to be just the process of posting payments, a good payment processing team can provide critical insights into the overall effectiveness of your revenue cycle processes.

Payment Posting  

RevExp’s remittance processing professionals not just process payments but provide you trendsand understanding on reasons for denials, non-covered services, quality of your clinical documentation, coding processes, and effectiveness of your front-end patient collections.

We process the following types of remittance transactions with an exceptional degree of accuracyand timeliness:

  •  Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Posting
  •  Manual Payment Posting (EOB)
  •  Denial Posting
  •  Posting Patient Payment

Our staff of medical billing specialists, AR analysts and AR follow-up members work as a team toensure that you get paid quickly and accurately.

Account Receivable and Denial Management: 

It is crucial for physician practices to track the claims they submit to insurance
companies to optimize revenue recovery, increase revenue, and enhance cash flow.
Denials consume time and resources, proving costly and affecting the bottom line of your practice. RevExp offers comprehensive medical billing and AR management services to follow up claims and diligently recovers the payment due to you.

Our accounts receivable management helps hospitals, clinics and medical practices to 
  • Speed up cash flow 
  • Improve overall collections recovery 
  • Minimize reimbursement issues 
  • Lessen denials and write-offs 
Our skilled medical  billing specialists, AR analysts and AR follow-up team work as a  team to ensure that you get paid quickly and appropriately.