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Business Leadership

An innovative entrepreneur and senior executive in the healthcare sector. Proven experience building a successful business from the ‘ground up. Strong professional network, coupled with a well-respected industry presence and has contributed to strategic direction and leadership within a technology-driven business enterprise.

Paul has held key positions in administration, international business, operations, corporate affairs, strategic planning, marketing, and planning of corporate policies. He is responsible for providing operational leadership and direction to many organizations.

His experience ranges from multinational companies to start-up companies. He has held sales leadership positions working as a GE healthcare products partner. Throughout his career, he has built a reputation for implementing successful sales strategies that have netted millions of dollars for some of the world’s most successful advisory, consulting and technology companies.

Paul received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Math from Queens College, NY and Network Certified by NYU. Some of the core competencies include Dale Carnegie – Sales/Marketing Training, IBM iSeries (AS400) Technical Certification and iSeries (AS400) Sales Certification.

Knowledge Vault:

Revenue Cycle Management
Sales and Marketing,
Windows Networking (TCP/IP)Strategic
Leadership and Operations
Installation and maintenance for AV
Server and Client Networking
Operating systems Applications

Track Record of Success:

Designed and developed HIPAA-compliant Web-based software packages to support billing, patient eligibility, ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice), scheduling, and an interactive platform for communicating with patients.
Negotiated contracts and hired programmers, both in the United States and abroad.Presently maintain business relationships with IT professionals in the US, India, and Russia who can be readily mobilized.
Oversaw the creation of customized JAVA code and related training materials for clients requiring an UR (Utilization Review) system and a HR (Human Resources) system. Completed within scope and budget.
Targeted marketing and sales efforts to achieve measurable growth outcomes. Spearheaded all new product development and mass media marketing initiatives,pricing strategies, and quality control. Guided a skilled team of marketing representatives. Analyzed market research to strategize and redirect product development.
Created a company that billed for hundreds of physician’s offices. Built enduring relationships with thousands of medical professionals in and around the nation Contributed extensive knowledge in the billing and electronic health records venue.
Negotiated EDI specifications among programmers and healthcare intermediaries, including Change Healthcare (Possess: Emdeon), Office Ally, Trizetto (Possess: GatewayEDI), MD Online and Claims MD.
Expertly evaluated software packages, including EHR (Electronic Health Record), billing, and CRM (customer resource management). Handpicked a team to commence production of a custom EHR package.
Provided consulting services for NYU, Columbia Presbyterian, and several other large-scale clinics, including medical billing assessment, technology upgrades, training for HIPAA with Article 16, 28 and 31, custom programming, policies and procedure development, web-site development, and hardware procurement.
Created departments to manage technical support, billing, data entry, and customers’ daily activities. Hired knowledgeable network and billing specialists, and contracted offshore resources to manage overflow. Provided secure remote access for all employees in and outside of the United States.